UGOT Black Vinyl Grip Handle Adjustable Wrench

UGOT Black Vinyl Grip Handle Adjustable Wrench

Product characteristics:

1.High quality 45# carbon steel forging, whole heat treatment
2.Overall polishing, head drawing, design independent
3.Three shot blasting, Chrome Plated, Vinyl grip for comfort
4.Laser scale, high precision worm gear

5.With tight, easy to grip, smooth use

6.The hardness and torque exceeds the standard 30% American Standard

Product parameters
Specifications Length Maximum opening Net weight Packing/Box number Gross/Net weight Carton(cm)
6寸 150mm ≥19mm 130g 6/120pcs 16.5/16kg 38.5*16.5*14.5
8寸 200mm ≥24mm 255g 6/72pcs 19.5/19kg 41.5*21.5*11.5
10寸 250mm ≥28mm 450g 6/48pcs 22.5/22kg 34*25.5*12.5
12寸 300mm ≥34mm 700g 6/36pcs 27/26kg 31*29*15

Details of the price list, please call UGOT Tools and ask the sales department!