The difference between chrome-plating and galvanizing

For friends who just contact with chrome plating processing requirements, our products are need galvanized or chrome plating is not very understanding, often mistake do chrome plating galvanized product requirements.

And then, what are the different galvanized and chromium plating process?
1. The color on different appearance
Zinc chrome surface is a bit bluish white, but not very bright, after passivation can make blue white zinc, color zinc, black zinc, army green wait for color.
Chrome plated surface is bright white slant blue color, other chrome plating color has black chrome.
2. The function of chromium plating and chromium galvanized
Galvanized is just on the surface of chrome plating a layer of a few microns to 10 microns of zinc metal, it is anode sex coating for iron base, has certain electrochemical protection, galvanized parts have good rust protection.
Have decorative chromium plating and chromium plating hard chromium, chromium plating is carried out on the surface of chrome plating of a few microns or more than a dozen microns single chrome metal layer, has excellent friction resistance, decorative chromium plating was carried out on the product first copper or nickel plating chromium again after a very thin layer of chromium layer, it is beautiful with protective function, it is aimed at those who have a high decorative requirements of the products used for processing.
3. The chrome plating is different from the cost of galvanized
Galvanized low cost price, and higher cost price of chrome plated, from electroplating processing materials and electroplating process used by the use of artificial and electroplating process of maintenance, etc., chromium plating process is higher than the cost of galvanized processing.