The advantages and disadvantages of hardware tools chrome pl

Chromium plating is referring to chrome plating, chrome plating has two kinds, one kind is decorative chromium, is a kind of hard chromium.Hard chrome plating is one good way to increase the surface hardness, but its advantages and disadvantages of many, so many cases are not used.
The advantages of chrome plated hardware tools:
1, good surface finish.
2, will not rust, a little rusty spot does not have.
3, the plating process of central plains parts deformation is small.
4, if the metal parts size does not reach the designated position, can be achieved by adding a few silk chromium to size (this is the advantages and disadvantages, so be chrome plated parts are put spare).
5, the surface is more beautiful.
Hardware tools of chrome plated faults:
1, the price is high, not only the high cost of plating, and again after plating processing.
2, the surface is not suitable for more complex parts.
3, the thickness is too thin, usually only about 0.05 0.15 mm.
4, on the parts surface finish requirement is higher.