The use maintenance and maintenance of manual hardware tools

Hand tools, it is relative to the power tool, mainly by hand to budge or power tools.Hand tools according to use can be divided into the wrench, pliers, screwdriver, tape, a hammer, sleeve, cutting class, scissors, sets, and auxiliary class factory, etc., each category has different models.
Most people in the use of hand tools have not been trained before, so lead to accident frequency.According to statistics, every year because of damage caused by improper use hand tools, accounted for 7% of all injury causes to 8%.Commonly used for all kinds of hand tools and portable power tools, must understand the correct method of use, and maintenance management, pay attention to the use of safe.
Hand tools usage
The following is only several commonly used hand tools and power tools, introduce the correct method of use and safety precautions:
Metalworking hand hacksaw: 1. Work with content to choose appropriate saw blade, such as saws or thick soft metal with real heart every inch teeth;Tool steel, iron, hard metal, such as 18 teeth per 籿;And every inch of 24 teeth is applied to metal plates, metal pipe, fine iron cutting.And forward saw, back when the lift again.
2. The wrench: (1) according to the nature of work should choose appropriate sized wrench.(2) when using the adjustable wrench should be applying pressure to the fixed boundary, never activities toward the side force.(3) wrench open if wear or use from time to tome skid phenomenon, cannot again continue to use, so as not to slip on hands.(4) not as iron Chui percussion with a wrench.(5) cannot be combined with the pipe on the pull handle end to increase the torque wrench.
3. The driver: (1) should be the size of the screw head groove shape, choose the appropriate driver.(2) the screwdriver handle, not with a hammer percussion, handle damaged bulbs immediately.(3) cannot be used the screwdriver as a chisel or lever.(4) test current is applied electric screwdriver, unavailability of general test high voltage driver.(5) screwdriver blade grinding, lest destroy the surface hardening.6 screwdriver is not in the clothes or pants pocket, to avoid collision or hurt when he fell.
4. The clippers: (1) pliers is only used to fasten, embedded and remove all kinds of bolt, nails, and various wire cut or twist.(2) the pliers cannot be used to tighten or beating the bolt or nut.(3) pliers handles may not knock or lengthen the handle way to increase the clamping or cut off the power.
5. Electric hand drill: (1) bit elastic must choose appropriate types of spanner.(2) before the start switch electric drill, electric drill must hold on.(3) a drill or bit change was not down again should first turn off the power supply.4. Call it a day when the drill bit should be unloaded.(5) put pressure on the bit, force wants moderate, too much power may be broken bit or reduce the drilling speed, small bit wear and tear.When fast drill wear, pressure must be light, so that the smooth perforated.6 drilling small work content, the workpiece fixture fixed, not usable hand grip drilling.7 when using a drill do not wear loose-fitting clothes, tie, scarf, gloves, should tie up long hair.
6. Portable grinding wheel: (1) to check whether the wheel is broken before use, the rotation is not straight, imbalance of mill, and loose cover, etc.(2) grinding must wear goggles or face mask.(3) themselves or others should avoid the direction of the grinding wheel rotation, to prevent flying debris spillage or pieces of grinding wheel.(4) stop grinding wheel to cut off the power supply, nor can this way to accelerate grinding wheel to stop.
7. Electric: (1) soldering iron tip should be kept clean, do not attach sundry.(2) do not knock, in order to avoid magnetic insulation tube rupture and leakage.(3) transistor components to use 30 ~ 40 gigawatts of soldering iron is advisable.(4) soldering iron should be placed on support or insulation when not in use.(5) the soldering iron tip temperature is very high, we should pay attention to avoid scald, or close to flammable cause fire.

Manual tool damage prevention
1. Hand tools and damage the direct factors:
(1) impact, or using the tool is out of control fly out or body out of balance, so that the impact to the workers themselves or nearby colleagues.
(2) cutting: the tool parts, burrs or the Angle of cut.
(3) splash: work of substances, such as chip, chemical solvents, such as flying out to hurt workers or another body, eyes or skin.
(4) shock: electric tools produced by electric shock accidents.
2. Hand tools the cause of damage:
(1) improper selection of hand tools.
(2) does not maintain in accordance with the regulations.
(3) does not check in accordance with the regulations before use.
(4) using the method is not correct.
(5) not to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.
6. Improper tool store location.
3. The principle of safe use of hand tools:
(1) select the appropriate hand tools work need.
(2) the use of tools in a good condition.
3. Choose good material of hand tools.
(4) do check before use hand tools.
(5) in the correct way to use hand tools.
6. Hand tools should be placed safe places.
All landowners should wear proper protective equipment before work.
Today choose standard tools or hand tools.
Hand tools maintenance and management
Average person for machinery, equipment or hazardous substances, is usually know to the maintenance, but for the use of hand tools are often inadvertently, so that the proportion of the injured hand tools instead of a machine is, so before using hand tools, maintenance and management, is even more important.
(a) maintenance manual tools:
1. All of the tools should be regular inspection and maintenance.
2. Check the stock card and maintenance tools should have, and record all the maintenance data in detail.
3. In case of failure or damage shall be immediately check maintenance.
4. The tool damage, should find out the cause of the damage.
5. The tool before use should be taught the correct method of use.
6. Never do not use the tool, should also be maintenance.
7. All kinds of hand tools must be used in accordance with the design purpose.
8. Tools before put, it is prohibited to use.
9. When the tool maintenance should be implemented under stationary state.
10. With sharp tools do not hurt others.
11. Never use a damaged or loose defect of tools.
12. The tool has amounted to use fixed number of year or the use of the limit, prohibited to use again.
13. The tool maintenance, with does not destroy the original design for the principle.
14. The factory can't repair tools, should be sent back to the original factory maintenance.
(2) management tools:
1. The tool should be concentrated safe-keeping, and easy for inspection and maintenance.
2. Dangerous tool in borrow, at the same time with protective equipment.
3. A variety of tools should be stored in a fixed place.
4. All the tools should be recorded data, including date of purchase, the price, attachment, use fixed number of year, etc.
5. Tool use must register, use data should be intact.
6. Should the number of inventory tool on a regular basis.
7. The storage of tools, should be classified.
8. Damaged tools more easily, should have a backup.
9. The specifications of the tool, as standardized as possible.
10. Valuable tools should lodge is in order, avoid the loss.
11. Management shall establish rules governing management and use tools.
12. The tool storage place should avoid damp, and has a good environment.
13. Scrap for industry and commerce in accordance with the provisions of, and apply for buying.
14. Borrowed tools should be careful, quick, indeed, simple.
Hand tools commonly used in the assignments under special circumstances, such as inflammable, explosive, in extreme conditions.Belong to the consumable, hold shake hands move tool right using method, in order to reduce accidents from happening.